Monocan HS

Chiefs ︎ Miners

Monacan is the closest school on my list to the VCU/Richmond area and I have also seen other students wearing apparel from the school around campus, which is kind of cool to think about I guess. Anyways, I did some research into Chesterfield County and found out that the area was used a lot for coal mining in the 18th century. I figured this was a good jumping-off point for the redesign and created a simple pickaxe and used a collegiate typeface to put over the new design.

-- An email was sent on 4/29/21


The seven high schools I choose to rebrand are Monocan, Fort Defiance, Gar-field, Northumberland, Southampton, Kecoughtan, and Magna Vista. Each new icon has some sort of significance to the school or the area the school is in. 


School Updates:

MARCH 15, 2021
🚩 Gar-Field High School announces they are removing the “Indians” name and mascot at the end of the 2021 school year.

Project Updates:

APRIL 26, 2021
🚩 Project 12-32 has emailed Gar-Field High School a proposal for a new mascot and icon. 

APRIL 29, 2021
🚩 Project 12-32 has emailed the other six schools a proposal for a new mascot and icon.